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As one of the UK’s leading providers of phone lines to businesses for nearly 10 years, here at The PC Lounge we understand the importance of reliable and professional telephone solutions.

With The PC Lounge Telephony services, your business will have access to the latest services available. So, should your business need to purchase and install an on premise, or cloud based telephone system, or you simply require a number of business mobile phones at the most competitive price, our highly qualified in-house engineers and dedicated technical support team are always on hand to help find the right Telephony solution.

Benefits Of A Professional Telephone System:

Give a warm welcome to regular customers; Have specific numbers sent to voicemail / a group / an extension.


Give a more professional welcome with an Automated Attendant system; Have calls handled the way you want; Setup departments to handle calls.


Easily identifying issues or staff efficiency; Notice trends and act accordingly; Cut down on wastage.

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Introducing a new telephone system into a business can be an arduous task. At The PC Lounge we bring over 10 years experience as Telecoms Provider. We understand your requirements, working with you to plan your telephone system for now and the future. By carefully planning, implementing through installing and programming, and then testing and commissioning, we make sure you the customer get what you want, with no loss in service or quality!

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Why choose The PC Lounge for Phone Systems?

As a full service managed IT and communications service provider, we have a comprehensive expertise across IT, Telecoms and Connectivity and all of our team are fully certified so we are in an excellent position to ensure your business success.